A Summer Solution: Brow Sugaring & Tinting

12:00 PM

Artwork by Mel Stringer

For us with sparse eyebrows, powders, pomades, and pencils have helped us but the paranoia of rub off keeps us from enjoying our boldly enhanced brows. It can also be exhausting to spend time filling them in everyday. For longer wear and a consistent look, we recommend brow tinting. Brow tinting lasts up to four weeks and will begin to fade out after two weeks. To prolong the color, touch ups are recommended. On the day of application, avoid washing the brow area for a few hours to allow the product to settle. An appointment starts by shaping the brows and removing any stray hair with our sugaring method. Sugaring, which removes hair with an all natural sugar product, generally lasts longer than waxing. 

Brow tint is than applied in a shade suitable to the client to fill in any gaps and create a more prominent arch. The tint processes in only a few minutes and is quickly wiped off. And you’re set! You can enjoy your summer days without worrying about your brows sweating off. More time for fun and less time spent filling in your eyebrows!

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