Women in Business: WAH London

Sharmadean Reid is the coolest chick

As creator of WAH London, one of today's trendiest beauty brands, she knows everything she is and everything she is not. In an interview with Broadly, she talks about starting her own business, feminism, and her hopes for the women she inspires. 

Sharmadean founded WAH nails in 2009 and immediately understood that in order to build a successful business, she had to stay true to her vibe. WAH stands for “We Ain’t Hoes,” and is described as “uptown, downtown, expensive, street, but also low-fi, garish, grime, jungle, hip-hop.” WAH is located in the Dalston neighborhood of London, home to the bad ass girls she calls her friends and most importantly, those who inspired WAH nails to come into existence. 

WAH London is more than the importance of having nice nails, it is about celebrating the culture of the community and the creative individuals who make it up. Sharmadean stresses that the world of nail art is inclusive and open to all kinds of people.“You don’t have to be rich, you don’t have to be thin. Anyone can get involved in the trend of having nice nails.” 

As a female entrepreneur, Reid credits feminism as influencing her business model. She believes it is most liberating for women, especially women of color, to be economically empowered. She shares five tips for women who wish to start their own business.

1) ALWAYS have a vision

2) Community = Loyalty

3) Every part of your business should stay to your vibe (down to the toilet paper!).

4) Ask your friends and family for money first.

5) Only hire people who embody your vibe/brand

Watch Sharmadean's interview with Broadly below:

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